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Default Re: The Non Smack Version of Who Is the Best QB in the AFC-N

I still think some of you mistake Ben winning the games he did for simply scoring more points than the defense allowed. And your defense has been a top 5 defense easy the past couple years. They are very consistent. This year was a telling year for Ben. He was asked for the first time in his short career to actually carry the team several times and make things happen. Carson has fallen short before but he is asked to do this constantly because our defense has major issues. Ben is a great game manager. But he is not a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback. Carson is. He's proven. Ben was only able to manage for a couple years, but then self destructed last year when he was needed to step it up. Was it the injury? We may never know. I personally just don't think he is near what Carson is. Carson is constantly watching leads he put up dwindle with poor defensive play or pulling out of a deficit for the same reason.

**** the Steelers!
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