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Default Re: The Non Smack Version of Who Is the Best QB in the AFC-N

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
However, Ben will have more SB rings. Why? Because the way the Bengals handle themselves, they do not have the ability to keep it together through the long haul. I do hope that changes. But until you all get a owner, FO, and coach that DEMANDS discipline on AND OFF the field, you will continue to have problems.

And that is my non-smack honest answer.
Fair enough... But do you think the number of superbowl trophies a QB has makes them a better QB? I dont.. Now.. If Ben goes on to win 10 superbowls, chances are he is better than Carson.. But he will have to do much more than he is doing to do that.... Carson just needs a defense

**** the Steelers!
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