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Default Re: The Non Smack Version of Who Is the Best QB in the AFC-N

Originally Posted by BengalBrian View Post
Fair enough... But do you think the number of superbowl trophies a QB has makes them a better QB? I dont.. Now.. If Ben goes on to win 10 superbowls, chances are he is better than Carson.. But he will have to do much more than he is doing to do that.... Carson just needs a defense
No, I don't think winning a SB is a mark of a better qb. However, it does reflect well on a QB. Especially if they win two or three. Sure, an ok QB can win one SB. But only very good QB's lead thier teams to two/three/four qbs.

Remember, there are plenty of teams that have very good offenses.. Defenses.. but they don't win the SB. It takes a good QB to go through the year, and win teh SB.

Look at Ben last year... he had a very good year. Sure, he didn't play well in teh SB... but HE got them to the SB.
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