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Default Re: the greatest fans in the world?

I just came back from a business trip with a big bears fan. I was wearing my leather Steelers jacket with the five super bowls listed on it and every where we went we ran into more Steelers fans giving me high fives and thumbs up making complements on my nice jacket. We traveled thru California and Arizona. With no remarks on his Chicago jacket he said I would never believe the fans if I didn't see it with my own eyes.
Then Monday we return in Chicago Ohare airport and would ya know we share the same carousel to get luggage with the flight returning from Miami with all the people with long faces wearing there XLI jackets and hats. Two guys standing beside me just stare at my jacket then one says ya just rub it in and the other says Steelers were nothin this year.
I replied I am a true fan and by the looks of this crowd all I see is people on the band wagon. He says elaborate. I ask do you see all these ZLI coats, shirts, hats and seat cushions. I stayed at the super bowl last year in Detroit until 2:30 in the morning partying and then made the 5 hour drive in my motor home back to Chicago, called my wife at 30 minutes away and said I will take you to breakfast. We went to the crackerbarrel 2 miles from the house and I walked into the restuarantwith out changing clothes.
I was wearing a Jack Lambert jersey over my old frayed hooded Steelers swearshit with a 1977 Terrible Towl hanging from my belt loop. And when I was at the game you wouldn't pick me out from 80,000 others that had items on that were not bought the day they arrived.
The first guy said now that is cool I wish our city had fans like that and were part of it.
I replied I rest my case and I just retired my jacket with the four superbowls on it that looks like it is forty years old.
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