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Default Re: The Non Smack Version of Who Is the Best QB in the AFC-N

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
BB you keep going back to this past year to develop your argument. I'm sorry but because a QB has one bad year, it doesn't make him a bad QB. Look at Roethlisberger's first 3 years. He was undefeated as a starter until the AFCCG. Yes he was only asked to control the game and not lose it. But isn't the sign of a good QB one that can manage the game and still bring home the W?

And isn't the objective of any off season to score more points than the defense gives up? So by Ben having success off the defense's success - isn't that just his job? Carson should be able to do the same thing but has he?
Just keep in mind, I never said Ben was a bad quarterback.. Well.. I am sure I have in the smack section, but if you do your research, you will find I was a fan of Ben before he was a steeler and I have said plenty of times he is a good QB. BUT.. I just think Carson is better.. Carson cant do the same thing as Ben with the defense we have. Dont go comparing your defense to ours.. Not even close

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Im going to vote Carson on this one.

I really liked Ben as the 2nd best QB in the NFL before the start of last season, but his career has taken a sharp nosedive as a result of many factors.

Having a 'game manger' is ok - as long as he able to reassert his teams authority if things fail to go according to plan - last year Ben failed pretty miserably to bring his team back into games that had reached 'plan B' stage.

Ben certainly has alot of good traits, but last year exposed alot of other problems that weren't an issue when the Steelers were going 15-1 on the back of him throwing 20 times a game - he tries to make too many plays instead of throwing the ball away for example.

These problems can be ironed out with experience, I think.

Carson took a step back last year, and again the effects of the injury shouldn't be ignored - for a fairly rigid pocket passer pocket security is everything - Carson will probably be alot happier and confident in the pocket this year.

McNair is still a decent QB but his star is fading, I dont think i've been as disappointed with a QB performance in the postseason as I was his this year against the Colts - he was anti-clutch.

Both the Bengals and Steelers should be happy with their choices at QB, they are both on course for successful careers.

Great post.. And yes, they both took a step backwards this year, and they both have a lot more potential

**** the Steelers!
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