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Default Re: 4 round Steeler Mock

Originally Posted by Black and Gold Forever 32 View Post
The more I read about Moses the less I like this guy but this is a solid draft and I would be more then thrilled if this is how the Steelers draft went down. But I would rather have Anthony Spencer in the first round. I watched Spencer alot this year and always seem to make a play. He was a DE but he could play OLB in a 3-4 no problem.

Staley in the 2nd round would be great. I like both the Wade and the Sepulveda picks. I'm not big on drafting punters. Since you can usually find a good one that wasn't even draft. But I would draft Sepulveda in the 4th round with no problem if he was the best available. He would be worth it.

Stucky would be a steal in the 5th. I hope he lasts that long. That would be good pick

No problems with the last two picks as well. Both would be wise moves.
I have heard some of the same things about Moses...which is why I see the slide towards Timmons
Also agree with you about Sepulveda, if he isnt there, dont draft a punter at all.
Stucky would be a steal...and if he does well in the combine he wont be there for us to pick that late...but as of now he is coming off an early season injury and alot of teams will shy away from that .. the lack of recent tape because of his injury and his inexperience at the position may push him further down the board.
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