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Default Re: I want Bush in this draft.

Originally Posted by WySilv View Post
our o-line is nowhere near pathetic... we finished near the top of the league in rushing offense, and near the top of the league in pass offense, we had a pro bowl RB. we had a very good line overall, other than a few games. and although i would like Bush, i would rather have Leonard from Rutgers in the 2nd if available. maybe trade up, but I really like the guy. he is strong and very versatile.

so that's why the C, RG and RT are all open?

simmons and starks were constantly abused last season. thankfully hartings retired his bad knees.

i think you are in the minority group when you say that steelers' O-line was very good overall.

passing offense doesn't necessarily mean the O-line is doing well. take the broncos' game for example. BR threw for 433 yards, but was constantly getting hit and harrassed. i won't mention the ravens' games
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