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Default Re: I want Bush in this draft.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the steelers have been drafting linemen for the future. i believe the steelers had c. kemoeatu ranked as the #2 guard on their board when he was drafted (he had anger management concerns that caused him to fall). willie colon was all the rave in camp. trai essex was supposed to be able to produce, and okolbi was given a nice extension. maybe the steelers have just waited an extra year too long to give these guys a chance.

then again oliver ross and kedrick vincent havent exactly lit it up since signing elsewhere.

(leonard from rutgers seems to be that steelers type player as far as rb is concerned)

I agree, we look to be set in the line. Just a simple switch of first and second string players may actually be what we need on teh right side.

I also do not think RB is our biggest need. Sure, it would be nice to pick up someone to help carry the load, Davenport may or may not be able to, we don't know yet. However, We REALLY need to focus on the LB's and CB's. I keep reading where people think we are fine at CB. Sadly, I think if we don't do anything at CB this year, our defense will end up looking more like the Bengals then the D that we were known for. So I say, draft a CB or LB. Then, go to FA for the other.

Yeah, I know, cap room. However, with Hartings retiring, with starters being rotated back to bench warmers or cut... I am SURE we can finagle a new deal with some of our players or outright cut them to go get what we need.
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