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Default Re: Prayers Deeply Appreciated

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and prayers and especially to Preacher - that was an absolutely beautiful prayer and it brought tears to my eyes - THANK YOU!!!

Yesterday afternoon, the surgeon implanted an IVC device into Ken's femoral artery, which is basically an "umbrella" that opens and acts like a filter to catch any remaining or new clots that may be lurking so that they can't reach the heart. He also implanted a mini defibrillator into Ken's chest so that if his heart goes off rhythm or if his heart rate goes over a certain pre-set rate, the device will zap the heart back into a normal pattern. These procedures were done to give Ken a better chance at survival until he can go forward with the aortic valve replacement and 2 bypasses that he desperately needs. The risks for the surgery itself haven't been lessened by these procedures, but at least he now has a good chance at making it through until the surgery can be performed in 3-4 weeks when the pulmonary embolism has totally dissolved. His heart is still quite weak, but they had to do something quickly to give him that extra time while awaiting surgery. He may be released tomorrow or Monday, depending on how well he feels. He will not be able to work or do much of anything and I know that will make him crazy, but I'm going to make sure he follows doctors' orders to the letter or I'll kick him in the hiney.

Please keep those prayers coming - they are very much appreciated and I believe are really helping! Thank you all again.

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