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Default Re: Rush Limbaughs latest NFL "analysis"

Originally Posted by CrazySteelerFan View Post
i was actually listening to limbaugh when this was was said in total sarcasm mainly to mess wit the media and show the difference when they report between a
black qb and a white was all tongue in cheek
definitely a calculated comment to create buzz then.

in the same hour 2 black head coaches earned a superbowl bid and the steelers named the first black head coach in their lengthy history. then the following day, i believe, the giants named their 1st black gm in their lenghty history. i think the whole black/white qb thing can die out now. rush's take on how black qb's are pampered by the media is old hat and SO last century (i know, he only said it a few years ago).

but then thats rush's schtick and his job. when the flames begin to die down, he is right there to stoke the fire.
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