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Default Re: Prayers Deeply Appreciated

Thank you all for your continued prayers - Ken is going to need them now more than ever.

He was discharged on Saturday late afternoon. When I went in to pick him up, he asked me to sit down and I knew something was horribly wrong from the look on his face. Apparently, his neurologist had run some tests earlier in the week, including a CT of his brain and a dopplers of all of the arteries leading up to the brain. They found that the two main arteries leading from the neck up to the brain are almost completely occluded. This now presents another major problem, as not only does he need that aortic valve replaced almost yesterday, if they don't go in and unclog those arteries (which is yet another very risky surgery due to the severity of the occlusions) he could have a massive stroke. Ken very rarely ever breaks down, but he did as he was telling me of this new issue. The neurologist said that he is going to get together with Ken's other 8 specialists and decide what the best course of action is here. Personally, I feel he should have remained in the hsopital so that he could be monitored, but his insurer insisted he be discharged - typical of those jagoffs.

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