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Default Re: Marty Fired!!!!

Wow,what a total waste of oxygen San Diego's managment is.

Parcells is done,I don't think he'll come back.And if he did come back,he's still under contract with Dallas and JJ would be demanding a first,second,and possibly thier first rounder in next year's draft.

Whisenhut is coaching Arizona,but Grimm is still available.However I don't see Grimm as AJ Smith's option at HC.

Ron Rivera is available,but SD is a 3-4 team and Rivera runs a 4-3 Cover 2 with Chicago.Would he be willing to keep a 3-4 or would he be admant about running his 4-3 Cover 2?

Cowher says he wants to spend time with his family.Plus,like Parcells,he is still under contract with his former team.The Steelers would demand either the Charger's first and second round picks this year or this year's first and next year's first for the Chargers to pry him from the Steelers grasps.

Does Indy have anyone who is suited to be a HC?What about the Pats,another Bellichick disciple ready to jump at a chance to be a HC.

San Diego is the most promising job of any of the ones that opened up,IMHO.One of the top defenses in the league (even if the D's biggest star is a 'roid user).The league MVP LT...a very good,if not great offensive line...a stud 3-4 NT...clutch kicker...a very good could be great QB in Phillip Rivers...and the best TE in the league,Antonio Gates.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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