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Default Re: Rush Limbaughs latest NFL "analysis"

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
I was up ALL NIGHT watching those election returns.

What really burned me was when other nations were making snied comments about it. I heard one american reporter retort... In other countries, there would be tanks in the streets. Here, most people go about their day without really caring on a day to day basis.

I thought that was a rather astute point! It actually made me proud of the American press for once.
Agreed - forget just the ping-pong of Florida being called for Gore, then being called for Bush, and then finally being called for nobody around 3-4 a.m. EST the next morning.

What was really amazing was how political life simply went on while it all got sorted out in the courts for the next month following the election. Complling evidence as to how stable the political institutions in the U.S. are (at least as long as you are not the current or a former U.S. President on 24).
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