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Default Re: Offical 2006-2007 National Hockey League Thread.

Originally Posted by BOXCAR JOEY View Post
yea but when the nordiques moved to colorado they won back to back stanley cups.
i dunno maybe the move will be good for the pens. i've been to a lot of the games over the years and there isnt many people that attend games. Its like here in NJ. at least the devils are getting a new arena with better access to drive up the attendance numbers. Time will tell with what happens to the pens though.
Are you kidding? Pittsburgh has been consistently rated among the top markets in the league for years. Their local broadcast ratings have been in the top 5 or 10 consistently for as many years as I can remember. In the 90s, it was very difficult to get a ticket to a game, to the point where they actually had to add seating to Mellon Arena to meet the demand. Sure, there have been a couple of seasons where attendance suffered, but that's to be expected when the team isn't performing well and you have a GM who was giving our talent away for nothing. But ever since Sidney Crosby was drafted, ticket sales have been brisk. They have already sold out 18 games this season and already have 2 future games sold out. They are filling the building to 95% capacity, which is among the highest in the league (top 3, I believe). Even last season, when the team finished with the second-worst record in the league, they still managed to sell out 12 games and led the league in increased attendance. I'm a season ticket holder and have been since 1999, so I know for a fact that they aren't just "driving up the numbers." The fans are showing up to the games. The interest is there. People in Pittsburgh care about hockey - that is not in dispute, and is the major reason why the league does NOT want to lose this market. It's a huge money maker for them.

As for the Nordiques, the similarities to what happened to them and the current situation with the Pens are thus:

- Young, up-and-coming team loaded with world-class talent (same as the Pens)
- Tried negotiating a deal with Quebec City for a new arena (same as the Pens with Pittsburgh)
- Denver emerges as the most likely candidate to land the team if they could not get an arena deal - a city that had already lost an NHL franchise (just like Kansas City)
- Arena talks break down (Quebec City officials broke off talks), and the team was ultimately sold and then moved to Denver (praying that this DOES NOT happen here)
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