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Default Re: Does our draft priorities change with Tomlin?

I am against going for a CB in the first round. This is a pretty weak class of CB's and none of them have great speed. IMO the secondary is the last of our worries ... ofcourse their is Ike, mcfadden and colocough are still young but show lots of potential (esp. mcfaden) ... and deshea adds some veteran leadership and experience. With tomlin specializing is the secondary i believe we will see a vast improvement. A healthy Troy wouldn't hurt also.

One thing I can't wait to see develop is competition between Clark and A. Smith for the starting spot at safety opposite troy.

I'd like to see us take a DE/OLB hybrid type player. good O-line depth can be found in the later rounds. I also think the competition in training camp will bring out the best in simmons, kemo, starks and colon ... we might see some new faces on the line next year but I believe they are already on the roster right now (possibly kemo or colon).

WR just doesn't strike me as a big concern right now ... maybe a bigger target in the later rounds, but i think the early rounds should be devoted to an overhaul on defense, with maybe a RB like Hunt or leonard in round 3
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