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Default Re: Rush Limbaughs latest NFL "analysis"

Rush, we're dumping on him because, in a five-point game in the fourth quarter, with the Bears in possession of the ball and still with a very good chance to win, he threw two ridiculous passes in the biggest game of his life. Two interceptions. Buried his own team. Had it been McNabb or Brees or Leftwich or Kitna or Daisuke Matsuzaka, we'd have buried them too.

Exactly. Hush Bimbo (anyone get that reference? ) isn't even telling the truth. McNabb took plenty of guff for "choking" in the Super Bowl--the media claimed he was puking because he couldn't handle the pressure when in fact itwas because of the monster hit Jarvis Green put on him. (Can't remember which Pats fan I heard that from.)

And I hear a lot more media types questioning Tomlin's qualifications than Lane Kiffin's.
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