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Default Re: Hardaway: "I hate gay people"

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Alittlejazzbird, I would like to hear your opinion. Do you think it's a must for every person who is in the spotlight and who also happens to be gay announce that they are in fact homosexual?
No, not at all. And your Dan Marino example is a point well taken. In my perfect world, it would be a complete non-issue whether a person is gay or straight, and no one would care in the slightest.

I think in some ways, though, that people who have a public forum can be instruments of change simply because they can reach vast numbers of people. Remember how revolutionary it was when Ellen DeGeneres came out? Because she took that first step, a TV show like Will & Grace, which never would have aired 15 years ago, became a successful series. So in that respect, if Mr. Amaechi's comments start a dialogue that can open minds and hearts to the possibility of positive change, then I'm all for it.

See, the thing about homosexuals, just like heterosexuals, is that their sexual life is only a part of who they are. Dan Marino was a fabulous football player who just happens to be straight. Mr. Amaechi was a well-regarded basketball player who just happens to be gay. Mr. Hardaway's fears probably stem from his concern that a gay teammate might have tried to hit on him, and then what? I've been hit on a time or two by gay women (including musicians with whom I have an ongoing professional relationship), and have always answered the same way, "I'm very flattered, but no thanks, I'm straight." The end. No one has ever gotten aggressive, or threatening, or made my work life intolerable. It becomes a non-issue. Whether you're a man or a woman, straight people receive unwelcome advances from other straight people all the time, right? So you deal with it and move on. Bad behavior crosses gender and sexual orientation lines.

Sorry if that's a little long-winded, 83-Steelers-43, it's just that it's an issue I really care about because it affects so many people who are close to me.
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