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Default Re: Top paid NFL Players Transition Rates

That list is just mind-boggling. How the hell does Vick make more than Manning, Palmer and Favre? Keith Bulluck at $7.1 million? For what? Rod Smith is way overpaid. Warren Sapp hasn't been worth $6 million in over 5 years. Think the Jets might want to reconsider that ridiculous contract they gave to Lamont Jordan? Who the hell is Ryan Pickett, and why does he make almost $5 million? And notice how many of those big salaries are paid to players on average to bad teams? Coincidence? I think not. People want to rag on the Rooneys for not overpaying for free agents or for anyone in general. With the success they've had, how can anyone put them down? I guarantee you that those teams who constantly pay out those huge salaries for very little return would trade places with the Steelers any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Also, Troy and Ed Reed will end up being the highest paid safeties in the league. They clearly are the best in the business, with Roy Williams, Brian Dawkins and Sean Taylor following - in that order.
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