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Default Re: Top paid NFL Players Transition Rates

whats wierd is that green bay is all over that list, yet they have huge salary cap space. steelers arent up there but our backs are against the wall. granted green bay starts alot of rookies, and the steelers have alot of players making 4-5 million apiece.

the funniest part of this list is tom brady up top. so much for all the bogus talk of hometown discaounts and manning making so much more money than him. brady has always made about as much as manning since he did his extension. its just the way the contracts were worded that were different. yet the patfans liked using this as yet another disrespect card.

"woe is brady".

and the most amazing thing about this list is how the ravens and bungles arent in salary cap hell. they definitely will be in 2-3 years cause the bulk of their contracts are so backloaded. and ray lewis wants a raise? they are gonna franchise a. thomas at about 8 mil/year? good luck with that. they are making dan snyder look fiscally responsible.
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