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Default Re: BIG Recievers

Walter Young, Great hands but inconsistent in route running has kept him sideline the past 2 years and in NFLE. Young also showed great improvement last year in his route running then in the previous year in NFLE. Young also seen some time do to injuries to Ward on the active roaster this last season for a few games. Young did not play much but he did get in a 17 yard catch.

And why people keep talking about Plexidrop. You want to replace plex, I ask why, plex has terrible work ethics, never runs all his routes during games, none existent for us in the play offs. Tired of hearing plexidrops name. You wonder why the FO did not offer him a contract was because plexidrop was not worth anything but a headache in the locker room and never works out with the QB in the off season. Ask Eli were plex is when he wants to work out, he is in florida again working out alone, but in all he is club hoping not caring about the team but only caring about the dollar he gets paid. Plex was a bad draft pick.
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