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Default Re: English Football


I'm a Steelers fan in Seattle. Maybe we've crossed paths? I've also lived in the UK (about 10 miles from Reading). When I lived there Reading was in the second division (2 below the Premiership). They've played well enough since then to get promoted twice with their first foray into the EPL this year. I got to Reading play a few times with Marcus in goal. I too became a Reading fan by default as they were the closest team to where I lived/worked.

As for the FA cup. That's an English cup league championship that pits teams from the different divisions against each other. It's interesting because it gives smaller teams a chance to play against the elite EPL teams in a meaningful game. It would be similar to major league baseball holding a tournament with major and minor league teams in it. The games occur during the regular season with the cup final in April-May.

The European cup is really not a post season (like USA sports) as it is a tournament for the top teams from each league. The tournament takes place after the start of the next season.
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