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Default wow...

I'm looking at all these posts over one game being lost. It's only one game. Just be glad the steelers lost to a good team and not some scrub team like the titans or texans. There are 13 more games to play......all the bandwagon fans can hop off the steel train and hop on the pats, but I'm staying here. I keep in mind the fact that The Steelers beat the Steelers....not the Pats. If the Steelers would've won, I'd of said the same for the Pats, because neither team played like they're capable of. Pats prevailed through injuries that that is one key reason why they are the defending champs. Look on the bright side, if we play NE in the AFCCG, we'll win now lol. A loss is a could be worse....we could be 0-3
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