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Default Re: English Football

That is interesting about the FA cup. Has a team that wasn't in Premiership wver won it? Is the champions league kind of similar?

I think the system of teams being promoted and regulated is pretty cool. But its got to have some big financial implications. If a team like Reading goes from the 2nd division to the premier league in a few years, they probably don't have a big venue to play at do they? So you might have a team playing in the elite league with a third class stadium. Or if a team gets relegated, I would imagine their financial inflows might not pay for a nice venue.

Lets say MLB was run like English football. The Mariners built a state of the art stadium a few years back. At that time they were really good. Since then they would have been relagated to AAA because they have been playing so poorly. So how would they be able to maintain revenue to pay for the stadium (that is of course assuming the tax payers hadn't paid for it..)

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