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Default Central Pa..a nice place to visit

So last Friday I had to go to the doctors to get my hand looked at. I some how pulled some tendons in my hand while i was at the gym. And I got to talking with one of the nurses / assistants there and i said i was from central Pa. Evidentally this guy is totally in love with our little neck of the woods and he is trying to move there. He told me that everytime he goes there he thinks the people are so nice, so polite and they cant do enough for you. Then he went on to say how people here in Baltimore are typically jerks with little to no respect for anyone including themselves. This guy like myself moved into the Baltimore area from some place else. I think he said he was from North eastern Maryland around Elkton. But anyway I wanted to let everyone know that yet another ousider comes into the Altoona-Johnstown are and thinks the world of it so much he wants to move there soon. Hopefully within the next year or so I myself will be back in the Altoona area
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