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Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Very interesting read Tony. Thanks. Have another one for you....

In football, a player get's caught using steroids, he's suspended. Dirty hit (stomping on the head), he's suspended.

Is there ever a time when a racer actually receives a suspension? Putting certain fuel in the tank or an event that is deemed improper by NASCAR?
several drivers have gotten dwi's and have been put on "probation". it rarely ever happens again. if its a team infraction (such as waltrips deal) the team is penalized, however if it is an individual driver infraction, that driver is definitely penalized as an individual.

several years ago a young up n comer, kevin grubb, was busted smoking pot, nascar actually has drug testing but you have to be narced on or tipped off before they will actually test you. he was positive and suspended the rest of the year. either him or youngster shayne hmeil were busted twice. they will never get a ride in the big leagues again. by that i mean the busch series or even craftsman truck series (nascars version of AAA or AAAA minor leagues) with just 43 teams in the big leagues every week, and as many talented drivers there are, there is no leash, and the collar is VERY tight.

kevin harvick (the winner of the 500) was suspended for one race about 2-3 years ago for going after greg biffle after a race and grabbing him by the collar of his firesuit with both fists and causing quite a scuffle amongst opposing teams. it was great stuff. he ran at biffles car, jumped on it, ran over it and did a wwe move leaping out at biffle.

unfortunately nascar now frowns upon that kind of stuff.

dale jr. was fined 10,000 bucks and docked 25 points for saying "shit" on national tv. NASCAR is very image conscious and dont put up with very much rif raf at all. they take great pride in having the "atheletes" that are best served to be a role model and continue that "family sport" image.

i may have mentionned this but jim rome, who finally "gets it" (unlike soccer) has been pimping this- "you will not find a bad guy in nascar". a main reason its so popular. the drivers are really liked by the fans, and the drivers embrace the fans. even though they make millions, they are a very humble bunch who trully respect those who paved the way to make their riches and lifestyle possible.

unfortunately, like all other sports, this will probably change in 15-20 years.
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