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Default Re: Wexell's Rankings of Draft Prospects for the Steelers - On the Clock

Originally Posted by Blitzburgh View Post
First off, outside of the Steelers front office organization, there's not a single person in the media world that knows what Tomlin and the Steelers may be thinking. If anyone leaked strategic information, the leak would be found and the mole would be dismissed as fast as you can say "Cleveland Sucks" ...

This article .. among all the others, is nothing more than one mans opinion.

I agree to a point. The organization part I agree with and that
Tomlin hasnt let anyone know outside the greatest
organization ever. Everyone has an opinion and I agree with that but the man is a well know writter that obviously knows a little more
than some of us, including myself. I love the pick of Carriker or Revis in the first round and then maybe a Power Back 4th round or so. I just dont think that we are in bad enough need for a 3rd reciever to
draft one in the first round again this year no way! I think DE OT and CB is the most glaring needs for our team right now, maybe not
exactly in that order.
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