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Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I just wanted to give the update on fan participation seeing how I work in one of the largest most diverse sports locale right now.

You don't even know what a real sports town looks like.

Look, I would never question the loyalty of the Steelers fan base. You guys are right up there with Packers fans.

But the Patriots fan base is far past the point of being johnny-come-latley-bandwagon fans. It's been over 12 years since every game has been sold out....all of them to season ticket holders. There's 60,000 people on a paid waiting list; most of them have been on that list for 12 years. And Pats fans DO show up at away games. You're not going to see many at places like Heinze Field or the Meadowlands, for the simple reason that there are no tickets available. Just as there were virtually no Steeler fans at Gillette the last time the Steelers played there. I have no question that if 50,000 tickets were made available to Pats fans at Heinze Field (or to Steeler fans at Gillette) , they would be snatched up in minutes.

The Miami game always has a lot of Pats fans. The Buffalo game does as well, although their season ticket base seems to be getting stronger. Last year, we had a game at Arizona in which we easily outnumbered the home team. I remember a game at Carolina a few years ago (when their fan base was down) that ended up being a virtual home game for the Pats.

The point is, if the tickets to a Pats game...anywhere... are on the open market, we will be there. Just like you. The difference is, you have been doing this for over 30 years.

Remember, too, that at least 90% of the Pats fans are also Sox fans. The Sox have a consecutive sellout streak going back to the 2003 season. Also, over the past couple of seasons, there has been no fan base in pro sports that comes close to the number of Sox fans in opponent's parks. Since it's impossible to get Fenway tickets, thousands of Sox fans book trips to places where tickets are available. Every game at Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Toronto, and many other cities has had more Sox fans than home fans. When you consider the number of games (compared to football), the 10 - 15 thousand Sox fans at each road game add up to staggering numbers.

You show me a city that sells out all of its MLB games and NFL games for years; a city that strongly supports its NHL and NBA teams (both of which have had 10+ season stretches of consecutive sellouts); a city in which multiple college hockey teams draw over 7,000 to every game; a city that has over a million spectators turn out every year to watch a bunch of guys (whose names they can't even pronounce) run down the street...then I'll show you a real sports town.
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