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Default Re: Call a darn timeout

On first down 57 seconds left in the game, the patriots run up the middle for no gain to the 31. The clock is running and we freaking call a timeout with 50 seconds left with no direct control over the ability to stop the clock with only one more time out remaining.

Yes, let's stop the game give Brady some time to rest and call a play without the clock moving. Next play - 6 more yards to set up a 43 yarder in lieu of a 49 yarder! Brilliant!

On second down with a running clock, the Patriots most likely run another "safe" play with about 25 seconds left on the clock with full intentions of spiking the ball on third down. He probably still makes the kick, but 6 more yards is still 6 more yards. I'm so peed at Cohwer right now that this post probably only makes sense to me.
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