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Default Food for thought..

Everybody know the Steelers are a run first, pass when needed team. Go back to the Pats game and tell me how many rushing touchdowns there were....there were none. There were two passing touchdowns (and POSSIBLY a third if ward caught the lateral OR randel El ran it in). The Pats fan on the board (forgot your SN sorry!) posted a link where it showed the Steelers failure in the playoffs because they relied on the run so much. It shows that during cowher's tenure as head coach, we only reached the superbowl during one which that season we had a top ten ranked rushing offense and a 12th ranked passing offense. The offense is playing well. Big Ben showed yesterday that he can bring the team down the field in clutch situations. All the players are doing their jobs. HUMANS make mistakes (IE: Randel El). I was as pissed as anyone else yesterday when they lost, but after sleeping on it, I am satisfied at how the team is coming along in the THIRD week of the season. We now have two weeks to get ready for the final 13 games and it's not going to be easy (still have the divisional games to go). Just keep in mind that the Steelers can beat teams down the field with the passing game, and in week 5 we will have a backfield with Parker, Staley, and Bettis. The only worry on the defensive side of the ball is they need to make the tackles on first contact and not let receivers gain an extra 4-5 yards per play.

**Cliff notes: Steelers scored no rushing touchdowns, yet still were in it till the very last 7 seconds, last time steelers went to the superbowl, they had a 12th ranked pass off and top ten rush off. Don't look too far into week 3's loss!
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