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Default Re: Food for thought..

I am reserving the right to say things are not as bad in Steelerville like you all continue to get to say the Pats are still always going to be able to over come injuries. As for Ben, two sides of the glass...full=was at least picking the right WR to throw to, and didn't throw it to Vrabel. The tight pass to Verron in the shadow of the goal line was a moment I remember. Empty=still floating some high and outside. Overall I still say the guy is okay. As for us, two concerns...first 3rd down conver rate. We are awful on offense, and not getting off the field on defense. Two..Why doesn't Troy cover the back or crossing WR in the middle as opposed to Farrior who has been quiet this year and not the MVP quality that Haggans is showing? And of course it is only week 3, we wouldn't be able to use this game win or lose anyway. Finish the season now Steelers!
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