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Default Re: Food for thought....

I may be biased, but the logic in this article is false. To say that we are not allowed to be a football playoff team cause we can't be the 11-5 teams(Denver and New England I think mostly) is absurd. Not many teams did it either. Also, those teams are defined by a core of a steady roster, same QB, same RB, same D. Look at our teams, different QBs, different RBs, different CBS/LBS. Still getting to the playoffs. No rebuilding for us. It did show we are undefeated in the playoffs against 10-6/9-7 teams game makes us lower quality wins? I'll disagree with this...

As for quality wins, we can't do anything about our division. All teams will say this. Half the schedule is what it is. You can't change it. But the other half is always constant. If we finish first in our division(10 times) then we play the 1st place teams in the other divisions. Hence the KC,PATS,DEN,TEN,IND, etc. Throw in GB, TB, and PHI, I really don't see how playing the schedule the NFL gives us can be held against us. I disagree here as well.

The way I want to see this done is actually we always run to set up more running and play action. When we should mix it up and playaction/pass to set up the run against teams that want to put 7,8,9 on the line or box early.
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