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Is case you came late to the topic of other threads...this is just info for the threads of sports teams and national following as opposed to die hard local following, some teams have both, some are more entrenched in their markets. No offense either way, People were just commenting on who is "visible" every week in and out at sports places. I give my info. No I wouldn't expect large amounts of Pats fans in Orlando, cause I have always said they are market local. I would expect more than what I have seen which leads me to believe some Cleveland fans or others jump ship to the Super bowl favorite late. Thats all... A real sports town actually looks like Chicago, New York, Boston, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Lincoln, NE, Morgantown WV, Knoxville TN, shall I go on....

*By the way we serve roughly 2,500 on Sunday game days and we show all games on over 100 tvs so we are not a "homer" sports bar. Thought that would give us a true enough random sample.*
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