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Default Offensive Concerns against a solid defense

I am not surprised by the poor pass protection after I had time to reflect back on the game. A lot of it has to do with the lack pass attempts. Our offensive line is so use to run blocking that their pass mechanics and line adjustments are off. We need to be more of a balance attack if we are ever going to be ?real? Super Bowl contender. Don?t dump the game on Ben when we haven?t been giving the guy consistent reps in the 1st two games. Just another way of Cowher to point the finger ?indirectly? when we lose a big game. And not the fact that Cowher was out coached again.

Another problem I see is the lack of a weapon or weapons in the receiving core. New England had a bunch of 3rd stringers in the secondary and all our receivers had problems of getting separation. No offense to Ward, but we need a true number 1 receiver. I doubt the Patriots truely gameplan to stop Ward. We need a weapon at wideout. Someone who is taller than 5?10. And why is Heath Miller not getting more time? We need as many weapons on the field as we can get.
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