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Default Re: A forgotten plus point for Steelers

Originally Posted by hardwork

I like Ward. I'd love to have him here. But, he isn't a dominant, game breaking, receiver like TO, or Moss, etc. I haven't seen him step up and change the outcome of a big game like a playoff game, and so on. The Patriots don't live in fear of Hines Ward. As someone else pointed out in here today, the Patriots don't scheme for Ward. They keep an eye on him, but they don't believe Hines Ward can beat them like a Moss, or TO can.
You must have missed the Eagles game where TO was dropping passes and really didn't do much for the Eagles. The Steelers have talent spread all over, so not one reciever is holding the passing game togethor. Moss and TO are good WRs, but the team relies on them too much. Honestly, I believe Westbrook is a better reciever then TO. Moss needs more recievers to take some of the coverage off of himself or he'll never be open. My point is that we'd rather have 3 talented guys then one stand out. Ward by no means is overrated, plays with more hear tthen anyone I know, and plays damn good at that.
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