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Default Re: Offensive Concerns against a solid defense

i don't really see a problem with the passing, i see a problem with us not being balanced, cause ben has had three games in a row with 200+ passing yards he didn't get that last year it was always 100+ yard games and a few 200+ yard games, so he has improved in that area, he also has no ints so far. he just needs to be decisive with the ball he pump fakes to much and can't make up his mind on if he wants to throw or run and that messes him up a little.

after i had a chance to get over the fact that we lost i'm not to worried, we didn't play our game and the pats took advantage of it. i'm kinda glad that we lost now cause now we got two weeks to focus on what they need to fix, it also shows the players that they are beatable and they need to stay focused and not relax on downs (it seemed like the D did that a lot), and the players on the sideline didn't seem to upset that they lost. i guess they know that they didn't come in playing their greatest and still barely lost to a team that gave it their all. props to the pats for not just sitting back after all the injuries, y'all are a great team and i'd rather lose to y'all then a shit team like the ravens or browns.

i apologize to my fellow steeler fans for acting a fool and only blameing ARE yesterday, like blitz said we lost as a team.
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