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Unhappy It's not El's fault...

Really, I know we are all pissed off about the outcome and pissed off about the pass protection, lack of running game, the defense wearing out and letting players find holes in the middle of the field, etc etc.

But to put all the blame or even most of the blame on El or any 1 player is just not true or fair. 11 guys play offense and 11 guys didnt fully step up and play their best game. Credit the Pats defense and also our inability to counter what we knew was coming. But the passes that El dropped or the one lateral fumble deal he had did not make the outcome of the game. Ben was inconsistent and hurried, OL didnt give time to pass or make enough lanes to run...Willie missed some holes in the lanes that were there, other WR dropped balls too.

You cant even blame a kicker when they miss a last second FG to win the game when you're down by 1 w/ 10 seconds to go because the team should have never put themselves in a position like that in the first place.

Just my thoughts..
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