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Default Re: It's not El's fault...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
i hate when i see steelerfans turn on a really good player who plays his heart out for the TEAM. after all hines ward didnt catch the ball. now im not slamming ward, just making a point but if ward lateralled to el and he dropped it would hines be catching the back lash? or would people be blasting el for not catching it and trying to run before he had the ball in his hands. didnt the final kickoff to the pats thet was returned to the pats 38 remind anyone of kasay kicking the ball out of bounds in the superbowl? and tom bradys legend continues for hitting wide open rb's in a dink and dunk passing game. not els fault. lets not vilify him. id hate to see him lose confidence in the future especially if the whole stadium starts booing him.
this post was agreeing with the thread not accusing anyone in it of villifying randel el. he has a little pressure on him as a 1st year starter and he wanted this win as bad as anyone.
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