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Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
...So I go to to find some tidbits of information about how the new draft recruits did at the combine. Unfortunately You have to manuever through Gil Brandts rabbit trails and "Madden-like" ramblings. Who do I write and thank for Brandts daring insight about...

Jordan Kent's dad is head coach of the Oregon Basketball team!!!! WOW!!! I was looking at past performance and combine skill placement. Silly Me!!

Hopefully Tomlin has Gil Brandt on his speed dial to be able to pick up on these nuggets of golden wisdom and not waste our draft pick on some "Blue Chipper" just because he has athletisism, heart, character, and work ethic...I mean who needs those things when your brother was a first round pick!
lol. i take it you dont like "the Godfather". i listen to him on sirius all the time and he knows WAY to much about ALL players and prospects. here:

you might find todays day 5 break down, alot more informative.
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