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Default Re: Offensive Concerns against a solid defense

Originally Posted by Tim
I think what you saw as the game progressed was Ben's lack of confidence in the line, which caused him to start moving around more, which of course made things even harder for the line. There were plays where he was okay if he'd have stayed put and made a throw, but tried to run too early.

We have many weapons in the passing game, but hey, when they're covered, they're covered. The thing the Patriots have that so many teams do not, is very strong discipline. It's evident everywhere. They do not make things up, they don't wing it, they execute the plays, keep on their man, are not easily faked or looked off.

Our problem, IMO, is that we didn't open the game up enough when it was clear that the pats were selling out to stop the run. We tried no screen passes, no dump offs to the running back, few short slants or short over the middle passes to TEs.
i dont think he lacks confidence in the line. he actually prefers to move around and throw on the run. they have actually designed more plays for him to throw while moving out of the pocket. but you are so correct on the steelers having weapons in the passing game, and the patriots' secondary discipline
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