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Originally Posted by tony hipchest
i just saw this on sportscenter. it seems like the game ran for 60 min and 52 seconds as opposed to 59 and 08 seconds. while this is a moot point it is a little salty to see the pats get an additional 52 seconds for that final drive. it was the pitt clock keeper who screwed up and d. bostons father who was the line judge. i bet he had money riding on the pats moot point but it just goes to show how thing just seem to bounce the pats way at the most inopportune time for their opponents. how bout that josh miller wedge shot to pittsburghs 1. why call a run play when they know thats what youre gonna call. more. i woulda liked to seen ward in the slot again in that instance.

From what I understand it was 52 EXTRA seconds. Thats what I just saw on ESPN when I got home. This means we could have been closer to putting into OT, and maybe winning w/ the toss, as opposed to letting the Pats have it one more time, and them having the chance to get into FG range. LOL If its not one thing its another! Theyre either paying the refs, or the clock keeper - haha!
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