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Default Re: Boise State Deserves to be co-National Champs

Another thing I'm not crazy about as far as college ball is concerned are all the "cupcake games" that only seem to be scheduled to pad teams' records. I'm not interested in watching a team like OSU or USC beat up on "Southeast Podunk State" to the tune of 80-0. I'm sure there are some good games, but it seems to me when I read the sports section on Sunday mornings during football season, I see alot more results of these types of games than competitive ones. I also admit that this disconnect as far as NCAA football is concerned is to my detriment - I really can't discuss the NFL draft intelligently because of it. As a result, you won't see me much in any draft threads - if I show up in any at all it will probably be to ask someone else a question about players that they think might fit the Steelers' mold.

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