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Default The next Steelers poem ...

Steelers vs Patriots - a game long awaited
Who's the better team - many have debated

The game started great - they scored and so did we
Unfortunately, it ended with them beating us by three

Our streak was broken but we broke theirs first
The Patriots sure seem to bring out our worst

I'm not used to writing poems about a loss
It might not have happened without Antwaan's lateral toss

What was he thinking? We all had to wonder
To make him commit such a terrible blunder

It all came down to a few bad plays
New England showed their winning ways

We learned too late about the clock disaster
Too bad it wasn't figured out faster

Now we move on - try to fix our mistakes
It's only week 3 for goodness sakes

I have a feeling we'll meet the Patriots again
Hopefully, the outcome will be different then

Just like last year - next meeting's stakes will be greater
If I had to choose - I'll take the loss now and the win later

After the loss - what's worse is the withdrawal
Next week's a bye - no Steeler football

We're off to San Diego on the 10th - a Monday night
Most likely, it will end up being a fight

We'll have a week off - plenty of time to rest
New England got our worst - San Diego must get our best!
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