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Default Re: Clock Error

Follow the magic bullet...

Pats ball at own 38 with 1:14 left...
(subtract :52 extra seconds)
Pats ball at own 38 with :22 left...
8 seconds on 17 yard gain...
Pats ball at Steelers 45 with :14 left...
9 seconds on 14 yard gain...
Pats ball on 31 with :05 left...
No timeouts, we don't call one, no :50 seconds to set up for GW FG...probably nothing in the big picture cause it would have put some more pressure on us to score that TD before it all, but I don't think as good as the Pats are, they can even go that far with no time/timeouts and Adam rush out and boot a 48 yarder in Heinz. Interesting though.

Feel free to correct my math as I still haven't watched the whole game.
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