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Default Re: Time to pick themselves up...

Yes it was a complete team effort on the loss. But EL made a play that went along with beating ourselves.

Two ways in this situation to lose a game

turnovers - forced errors
and bonehead mistakes that turn momentum of a game.

Like the three points lost on a holding call.

Sure EL wasn't the only one to make a mistake. But in a pivital game his error was a turning point, that IMO caused a ripple effect.

pats might have made us more one dimentional in this game, but it doesn't make a end product. IF that would be the case the pats would have lost in the AFCG. They adjusted to their mistakes and moved on.

SO this is what we must do. Nobody has a blueprint on whether it will happen or not. But we have the tools to get it done.

No matter how you slice and dice this game it could have gone either way. Both teams made mistakes. Brady was on his game. Limiting him next time is more indicative of whether we will win or not. Not our offense. As I strongly think we will correct any mistakes there.

Our line is still learning to play together on the right side. Two new bodies in there.

We are as good as the Patriots, and could be better. Early in the season, so if we continue building and correcting mistakes anything is possible. Our loss hasn't changed anything. If anything the only two things it really says is:

One -the Pats were hungrier for the win coming off a loss.

Two -mistakes were made that need to be corrected, and will be.......

Also the media get get off our nutz about the pats owning us, as in the Manning fold.

We clearly won , beat them last year, and was pretty close to winning last Sunday. A play here and there. 3 points isn't a big difference. Right now they have a edge but don't "own" us.

Only thing the media can say which is true, is they are better in the post season. BC makes that a fact. But hopefully like in Denver we will; get this ship righted. Remember Elway was looking like he was going out without a SB win, until they exploded........

Also in this era obviously the pats were the best. But it doesn't mean we can't be the best this year. We have just as good of a chance as any other top team.......... Including the pats.

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