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Default Re: Did the defense wear out?

Sorry not improved play from our D-line. We shut down the run decently. Year in and year out we are one of the best if not the best. Our 3/4 runs on LB's getting the pressure. That is the area that needs to improve besides the secondary.

Overall we were not blownout, and our stats overall isn't bad. I don't buy into any problems with drives on either side of the field. One game doesn't make a season problem. And 20 points isn't a horrible final score. And on D 23 isn't horrible either. What was horrible was that last drive and like many mentioned the players being tired out had everything to do with the outcome.

Which goes along with the need for better subsitutions, and being crisper on offense and executing better. Like the pats the Steelers respond during the season and correct mistakes.

We will I know it.

But 10 points was lost on mistakes, not forced but our own blunders. That 10 points would have changed the outcome of the game. I guess whoever agrees or disagrees with this will have to stay tuned and see what happens later. I still think great things are yet to come...............

The question is and will be what we do in the postseason.

That is up to Cowher to fix. And if he doesn't his time might have ran out, but we'll see.......
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