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Default Re: Clock Error

Originally Posted by SteelR1
You can timeline the game all you want but with the clock error so early in the fourth quarter, the game would have been played different. Timeouts would have been called in different spots, plays would have been called different.

Did the clock hurt us? Maybe but we'll never know..
I agree...I don't think we can use this one as an excuse. It sucks, but it did happen early in the 4th. I might feel different if it happened in the last few minutes (but then it probably would have been caught and reviewed-at least I would hope we would have caught that). The reality is we will never know, because we don't know when and how the teams would have used their timeouts. Of course we can speculate and think what if? But the bottom line is we were outplayed in the 2nd half, the Pats came out strong and this week the Pats were the better team on the field.

All we can do is put this one behind us...and move on! It's not the end of the world. It's only week 3...still a long season ahead of us! And don't count us out of anything!
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