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what sucks about this clock error is this or a steelers forum is the only place we as steelerfans can discuss what happened or even bring it up. any other forum ive read where more than 2 patfans present have them calling any one discussing it bitchers, and whiners, and sore losers, the steelers chokers. i havent seen no one bitch or whine in this whole thread. most patfans ive encountered handle their success with NO CLASS and act like no fan of any other team has a right to discuss anything because everybody else is a loser. this is why the patriots and their fans will still be clamouring for respect. this is why noone outside of patfandom wants to accept this team as a great dynasty. to see patfans say 52 extra seconds didnt matter anyways as if they deserve it in every game, makes me dislike them even more. if it doesnt matter why dont the nfl just add 52 seconds to EVERY game? because it does matter.
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