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Default Re: Prayers needed for a speedy recovery

Originally Posted by steelerbackr4life View Post
All well wishes and prayers are appreciated for my speedy recovery from a broken leg I recieved playing ice hockey.
Sorry.. but...

Let me explain..

I decided a couple years ago to get back out on the ice after 15 years of not playing hockey (I grew up playing) What happened you asked? Well, the first time, I was literally laying on the bench gasping for breath.

two months later, I tried to stop and heard a massive POP in my groin muscle. I went down like I was hit by a bullet. Just a pulled muscle the doctors said! I was out for 2 months.

5 months later, I was playing, and I took a slap shot off my inner leg. It went numb from my knee to my foot. the puck seperated my nerve, and I still have a numb spot a year and a half later. Needless to say, I ended up back back in the X-ray room from that!

After that, my wife said NO MORE!

So now, she let me go buy new golf clubs!

I hope you feel better. But maybe like me, you should pick up golfing!
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