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Default Re: New Arena chances looking bleak again

Originally Posted by Prosdo View Post
Maybe I am wrong but this would be career suicide for some of the officials.
What scares me, is that maybe some of these goverment officials involved feel that all they have to do is simply "show" that they are "trying" to get a deal done. Whether they stay or leave it will still look like they put up a fight. The only reason why I do not believe that's the case is because it still comes down to a pro-sports team leaving this city on a young Ravenstahl and Onorato's watch. I do not believe they want that on their young resumes.

Anyways, for the most part I've kept a very positive attitude towards these negotiations. I'm still holding out hope that this is simply another example of the Penguins blowing smoke, but I do not believe they are "very close" as that crooked piece of Philly trash would have you believe. If they were "very close" I do not believe that letter would have been sent yesterday.

Eitherway, I still have faith that these two sides will reach an agreement soon.
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