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Default Re: New Arena chances looking bleak again

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
I worked in politics for several years, and my biggest problem with the large portion of "leaders" in PA are that they are not leaders--not forward thinkers. Everything is a knee-jerk reaction to the "now" problem not a decision based on what is important long term for the region. And those are the good politicians---the bad ones are solely interested in their power and pocketbooks and they posture by banging on the table in meetings to make it look like their doing something.

So if this were the Flyers, do we think this would even be an issue? A deal would have been done last year----actually the fix would have been in for Isle of Capri.
And that's why I laugh when Pennsylvanian's complain about Ed Rendell and continue to vote him into office. It's not as if this guy just started being a two-faced crook who only cares about Filthadelphia. It's been there all along folks.

But as I've stated in the past, if there is a "D" next to the name in this state, nothing else matters. It's a shame because this city is suffering in the process. But hey, as long as Barden got his casino and the Hill District is safe from those pesky gamblers.

On that note, how about that convention center Murphy blessed our city with shortly before he departed? The Bass tournament, car shows. Hopefully in the future we can get the 70 years of age and older Annual Bingo Tournament. That's if the thing is still standing....
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